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Apparis makes a bold statement.
Apparis is a New York City based vegan lifestyle brand, co-founded by French duo Amelie Brick and Lauren Nouchi. After spending their careers in the fashion industry, witnessing the impact of fashion’s unethical manufacturing practices, the two left their jobs at luxury fashion houses in 2016 and made the pledge to do better. And thus, Apparis was born.

What was once a faux fur outerwear brand, has now transformed into a lifestyle brand, expanding across multiple new product categories, including knitwear, home, and accessories.

Introducing “Silly Season”, Apparis’ Spring / Summer 2022. Embodying a free spirited, youthful feel, the collection includes a range of styles from flowy, ALT-SILK sets to lightweight tweed shackets with fringe detailing. Eye-catching accents shimmer throughout the stitching, reminding us of the sun gleaming on the Mediterranean Sea.

Clean and timeless silhouettes, designed for an effortless transition from beach-to-chic. Layer with organza button downs and airy knits for breezy evenings, the pieces are perfect for your summer soirees after days spent in the sun.

Spring / Summer 2022 is 100% animal-free. To further our commitment to sustainability, we’re introducing two new eco-conscious fabrics this season: Recycled Cotton and Recycled ALT-SILK.
We are a conscious brand and are constantly working to become more sustainable, both in our manufacturing processes and in our materials. Our pieces are made to stay in your wardrobe–and out of the landfill–for years to come. From day one, we’ve put our heart and soul into creating the highest-quality animal-free alternatives out there. We believe that ethical fashion and an accessible price point can coexist without compromising style or quality.